• 楽器教則アトス・インターナショナル
  • ミュージック・エア
  • ミュージック・グラフィティTV
  • ミュージック・ジャパンTV
  • 地方競馬ナイン
  • 寄席チャンネル
  • JOYCE株式会社

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Type of Business

Type of Business Summary
Broadcasting carried out according to broadcasting laws These channels are viewable on the satellite broadcast platforms SkyPerfecTV!, and cable television.

Music Air: Broadcasts mainly high quality rock, jazz, world music, etc. top artist concerts and documentary programs.

Music Graffiti TV : Centers mainly around Japanese hits but goes all the way to Western music, with old time nostalgic melodies that take you back to that era.

Music Japan TV : 120% Hit Songs! Best Music Channel… Filled with J-POP, K-POP, Animation Songs, Idols! Musc ranking show broadcast daily! All the music you love is here!

Chihou Keiba Nine : Live broadcast of 9 regional (Hokkaido, Banei, Iwate, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Kasamatsu, Hyogo, Kochi) horse races and information.

Yose Channel : From traditional comic storytelling (rakugo) to younger new wave modern comedy, it is the “Gag and Laughs specialty channel”.
Planning, production and sales of DVD packages Musical instrument instruction: Planning, production and sales of instruction packages teaching the expertise of instruments starting with guitar, bass, drums, among others.

Concert contents: DVD package planning, production and
sales of top notch artist live performances.
Operation of Gakki Cafe Gakki Cafe: The Gakki Cafe is for those that love music and musical instruments. Seminars and talk shows by famous musicians and other events are held as well.
Music copyright management Music copyright management is carried out by the Atoss Group, as well as the management and commission of various musical works.